My First Time...With A Woman Pt.2

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As soon as we hit the bedroom we started kissing deeply again. I can still feel the softness of her lips til this day. We walked to the bed as we continued to kiss. It felt like we were floating. We began undressing each other. Grabbing, licking, kissing. It was magical. I couldn't believe how wet my pussy was getting.

By the time we made it to the bed we were both naked. She pushed me down on to my back and climbed on top of me. I felt her pussy pressed up against mine. She was just as wet as I was. I wanted to make her feel good but I was a little nervous since it was my first time. She sensed this and told me to relax and let her do it all. Then she spread my legs and slowly began kissing the inside of my right thigh. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be completely in the moment.

Her thick lips eased so gracefully up and down my inner thighs, around my stomach and the top of my pulsating pussy. I wasn't nervous anymore. I was in full heat and I needed to feel every part of her. I moaned a little as she started to pill my pussy lips apart. My clit was swollen and throbbing. She slowly started licking my clit. She stayed right on the tip of it and it drove me crazy. My hips were moving to the rhythm of her licks. 

She buried her tongue into my pussy hole, which was oozing with my cum. I grabbed the sheets as my toes curled because I knew that I was about to explode in her mouth. She wouldn't stop licking my creamy pussy and she didn't care how much I

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My First Time...With A Woman

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The first time I was ever with a woman was when I was in my mid 20's. I had always wondered about how it would be to have sex with a woman. Lesbian porn was always intriguing to me and I found women attractive throughout my life. Although I had these feelings, the opportunity to be sexual and sensual with a woman just never presented itself. That was, until I was re-connected with an old childhood friend.

I hadn't seen her since we were children (10 or 11 years-old). She moved away from home at a young age and was back in town visiting for the holidays. It was known that she was a lesbian and she was in a serious relationship with another woman when we reconnected. The chemistry between the two of us was almost electric. Things had changed since the times of being childhood friends.

She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Her long beautiful legs, plump juicy breasts, full pink lips and firm round ass made my mouth water when I laid my eyes on her as a woman. When we embraced for a hug I could feel that we were both holding on a little longer than what was normal. Through conversations over coffee, movie nights, dinner parties and car drives I could tell that she wasn't happy in her relationship. I noticed that she was sad whenever she finished a phone conversation with her girlfriend. She always confided in me about her unhappiness and I would comfort her the best way I could with my words. One night, I determined that my words just weren't enough.

We had been out with friends and since it was the holiday season everyone home from out of town wanted to hang out at all of our

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Welcome to My Blog

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My blog will be filled with all sorts of stories and adventures about or inspired by my life. I designed this blog so that my clients and future clients could get to know me a little better. Here you will find kinky, funny and true stories about your favorite CHOCOLATE TREAT!

If there's anything in particular you would like me to blog about, please let me know and I will be happy to indulge you.

Dana Doll

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