Part 2: Threesomes Save Lives

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Continued from Part 1

Patrick was thrusting his dick deep inside of my pussy from behind. He quickly found out that the deeper he pushed himself inside of me the wetter I became. My pussy juice began to glaze his cock and I begged for him to fuck me harder. Leslie was loving every moment of seeing her man fuck me so good. She laid there, massaging her clit as she watched Patrick have his way with me. I was still eating her pussy as much as I could, but for the most part my body was submitting to Patrick's rock hard dick.

My pussy tightened on his dick as I began to orgasm. He kept fucking me in the same spot, deeper and deeper. Leslie started to cum too when she saw that Patrick wasn't letting up on fucking me. The sound of my pussy getting wetter with every stroke of Patrick's cock, filled the room. My moans got louder the closer I got to cumming. I pressed my mouth into Leslie's pussy and took in every drop of her cum as I came hard on Patrick's cock. He kept his dick lodged inside of me as my body shook with pleasure. His cock was still VERY hard and hungry for more.

When he slid out of me he licked his lips at the site of Leslie's waiting pussy. Her legs were wide open and her pussy was glistening from the deep orgasm she had just experienced. Before I let Patrick's dick slide inside of her, I sucked the tip a little to get a taste of his pre-cum. As he entered Leslie's pussy, I tongue kissed her and played with her beautiful brown nipples. Their love making was a big turn on for me and I loved being

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Threesomes Save Lives

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There are three reasons why everyone should partake in a threesome at least once in their lifetime (preferably as much as possible):

1. They are fun.

2. You get to see your partner in a way you've never seen before.

3. They are a BIG stress reliever!

My very first threesome came about when I was in my late 20's and I was stressed the fuck out! I had made the decision to move to NYC in order to try out the big city life. Some friends had moved up there and I had also been seduced by the busy and glamorous city life that is depicted about NYC on the big screen. What I didn't know was that finding a place in the city is one of the most difficult things a human being can ever go through! Finding an apartment in NYC wasn't as simple as going on Craigslist or asking a friend if they knew of a place coming up soon (like I did in STL). There were broker fees, slum lords, and super high rent pricing for shoe box sized apartments...all of these things were overwhelming to me and I felt like giving up until a good friend came along.

Her name is Leslie and she had been living in NYC for 2 years by the time I made it up there. She was working and finding her way through the 'Concrete Jungle'. Her place was in Harlem and she shared it with her boyfriend and their roommate (another girl I had never met). Her boyfriend, Patrick, was a musician and he was cute and seemed to be really into Leslie. I was happy she'd found someone to be with because NYC is not exactly the place to be without a companion or group of friends.

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A Letter of Gratitude

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I was listening to another provider on YouTube the other day and she was talking about how much gratitude she has for her clients and I started thinking, "You know what? It's true, I too am VERY grateful for my clients." I haven't been a professional companion for very long but, for the small time I've been doing this I have to say that I have (for the most part) had great times with my clients.

It feels good to be able to bring pleasure to someone and something new to their lives. I love being the highlight of someone's day/night but, at the same time I want my clients to know that they are the highlight of my day/night as well. The conversations, the laughs, the gifts, the dinners, the special adult time...I'm grateful for it all.

So if you're reading this and you're one of my clients thank you for taking the time to get to know me and connect with me. If you're someone interested in becoming a client, thank you for considering me and I hope you get to find out soon just how sweet this chocolate treat is.

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Morning GLORY: I love my PUSSY

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I love every inch of my body. From the top of my head, to the tips of my toes but, I have to admit that my favorite part of my body is my pussy. My pussy puts a smile on my face LOL! Why? Well first of all I love the shape of my pussy. The lips are not huge and they're not too small, they're just the right plumpness. When I press my fingers up against them, my pussy lips squeeze in between the gaps of my fingers and I love how chubby they look when I do that.

Then I have the sweet surprise waiting in between the top of my pussy lips. When I spread my lips open with my fingers, my clit pokes out, all ripe and juicy and begging to be touched, licked or sucked. My pussy seduces the fuck out of me and that's why EVERY MORNING I make her feel just right. I've tweeted before that masturbation is my morning coffee. My day just doesn't go right if I can't make my pussy purr and throb. As soon as I open my eyes I can feel my g-spot waking up with me.

My pussy is always so relaxed in the morning and just a little wet. So when I start to rub her gently, I can't help but get turned on as I feel more of my juices starting to leak out of my warm pussy hole. I play around the hole a little bit and then start to bring the juices up to my clit. Then in slow methodical, circular motions I begin to press down on my clit and let my juices make it slippery wet. I'm not moaning yet, but my breathing starts to get deeper and my neck

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